Ben Kazez

I love developing great products, from ideation to design, engineering, marketing, and building awesome teams who love to sweat the details as much as I do.

My work has received over 30 million downloads, 300 press features, a dozen awards, one acquisition by Expedia, and features in two Steve Jobs keynotes.

I also enjoy advising startups and giving talks and workshops on entrepreneurship and product development.

Outside tech, I am a classically trained singer and enjoy eating, cooking, and hiking.

Steve Jobs features FlightTrack at WWDC 2010

What’s Next?  2014

Please contact me if you’re interested in working together on future projects.

Expedia  2010–2012

After Mobiata’s acquisition, we designed and built Expedia’s official app. It is now a top-5 free travel app in 46 countries with millions of downloads.

“A well designed, efficient way to find and reserve a night’s stay on the fly.” — BBC

Webby Award Nominee, 2012

Mobiata  2008–2010

After FlightTrack’s success, I founded Mobiata to continue developing travel apps. With no external investors, we grew to twelve people and in 2010 were acquired by Expedia.

FlightBoard  2010

Inspired by Charles de Gaulle’s flight board, this app became a top-10 bestselling iPhone travel app.

Webby Award, Best Mobile Travel App, 2012

TripDeck  2009

A full itinerary manager for cars, hotels, boats, trains, and more.

“Really easy to use.” — Gadling

HotelPal  2009

I created HotelPal with Mobiata engineer #1, Daniel Lew. It was the world’s first native hotel booking app.

“The app I would have expected to see from the big travel sites such as Expedia and Orbitz.” — Peter Greenberg, CBS News travel editor

FlightTrack  2008

FlightTrack was the first map-based flight tracking app, a top-50 bestselling iPhone app, and a top-10 bestselling iPad app.

“A minor masterpiece...brilliant.” — David Pogue, New York Times

Webby Award Honoree, 2011

Apple App Store Hall of Fame, 2010

Top 10 iPhone Apps of 2009 – TIME Magazine

Ultralingua iPhone  2008

The first iPhone dictionary app, supporting definitions, translations, and synonyms and a dozen languages. It was a top-10 bestselling reference app.

“Impressive iPhone tricks that we haven't seen before.” — Ars Technica

Ultralingua Mac  2008

I redesigned and rewrote Ultralingua’s desktop app. A single-window design unified all its language tools and added some new ones, such as full-screen flashcards. An unreleased concept featured a full-screen dictionary view with serendipitous browsing and a design based on a real Samuel Johnson’s dictionary.

4 of 5 mice — Macworld

Research  2007

While at Carleton College I conducted research on machine composition, streaming media, real-time practice feedback software, and pitch perception training.

iCal  2006

As an intern, my first project was to add iCal Events functionality to Mac OS X’s built-in Calendar widget. I also contributed major features to iCal and Calendar Store, the iCal API.

iCal Events  2005

iCal Events was a college side project that received over 100,000 downloads in its first month. My first project as an Apple intern was to add this functionality to Mac OS X. Github

4.5 of 5 mice — Macworld